Game Club

Game Club is a place for middle-level students to play card games, board games, dice games, and role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons in a safe after-school environment, overseen by our resident tabletop game aficionado Mr. Laney (Aspen Creek Band Director).

Most days are designed for open play where kids can play any games in our collection, though Mr. Laney will often host special days devoted to specific games and activities throughout the year, featuring games like Star Wars X-Wing and Wits & Wagers.

There is no cost or sign-up required to come to Game Club. There is always an open invitation for students to come have fun, but there is no requirement for members to come every week. Bring your own games from home, or learn something new in our collection. Gaming for all, gaming for life!

Our most commonly played games include Magic: The Gathering, Camel Up, Smash Up!, Dungeons & Dragons, Walk the Plank, Age of War, Werewolf, and Codenames.


Ryan Laney