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Aspen Creek Preschool has a wonderful program with one inclusive classroom and one Intensive learning center designed to meet the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and language development needs of students utilizing developmentally-appropriate classroom practices.  The teaching strategies employed in the preschool recognize that young children learn through active exploration and interactions with responsive adults, other children, and open-ended experiences which provide rich opportunities for learning - all in an active, fun, play-based environment.  We are proud to be one of the 20 preschool sites within the Boulder Valley School District.  

Integrated Preschool Classroom:

Our integrated preschool classroom is an inclusive preschool program for school-aged 3 and 4 year olds.  With Colorado's new preschool, Aspen Creek offers two full days of preschool. Read more about enrollment and BVSD's universal preschool program on BVSD's preschool page.  Additionally, Aspen Creek’s integrated preschool class provides special education services for preschool age children who have been identified as having a disability that interferes with learning.

 This classroom uses the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum to teach pre-literacy skills, pre-math skills and social-emotional competency. In addition, our preschool class uses Wilson’s Fundations to support understanding of alphabetic principles such as letter-sound association and letter formation   The district uses Teaching Strategies GOLD to assess student growth on an ongoing basis. Our integrated classroom also uses the Dinosaur School curriculum through Incredible Years in order to support the social and emotional development  of our preschool.

Intensive Learning Center Classroom: 

Aspen Creek is unique in that we also offer an  Intensive Learning Center for preschoolers with an autism diagnosis. Students referred to Autism ILCs have a medical diagnosis or educational identification of Autism and require intensive curricular and/or behavioral modifications that cannot be met by resource support alone.  

Our two teachers work collaboratively with parents, specialized staff, and the school as a whole to create the best learning environment for all students. 

To learn more about the BVSD Preschool program and to apply, please go to the Early Childhood Education website here.

Meet our Pre-K Teachers and PARAs

Lori Retta

Teacher, Special Education- ILC

Janet Sigmond

Paraeducator, Preschool

Destiny Stillwell

Teacher, Preschool