Social Studies

At Aspen Creek, social studies programs prepare students to identify, understand, and work to solve the challenges facing our diverse nation in an increasingly interdependent world. 

For 6th graders, they will analyze historical sources through the study of the Western Hemisphere, focusing on both ancient and modern civilizations.  Analyzing patterns in history and how the past influences the present.

In 7th grade, students will study the Eastern Hemisphere and focus on developing the skills necessary to analyze and interpret this area of the world from a geographic, historical and cultural perspective. Students will develop an understanding of the physical and cultural processes that shape regions and people and an appreciation for our roles and responsibilities as world citizens. Students will also study the emergence of major religions. 

8th Graders will be exposed to multiple perspectives of people and events in pre-1890 American history. Students will learn about contributions made by many groups who shaped and continue to influence the American experience. Students also will examine the role of the Constitution in our government and our societal values. Currently, the 8th grade humanities course integrates social studies and language arts curricula in thematic units targeting standards  in communication; social studies content and application; and research.  

Students in all grade levels will explore financial literacy topics and skills throughout their middle school years.

Meet our Teachers

Mark Haxton

Teacher, Middle Level Social Studies

Chris Hespe

Teacher, Middle Level Social Studies