Language Arts

Welcome to Middle Level Language Arts!

As a language arts team, we value the importance of language as a means of spoken, written, and read communication as a record of the human experience. Through the use of literature, both classic and contemporary, students are asked to master skills and strategies to not only read and understand the text, but also to recognize that books are relevant to the world around them and to their personal lives. In addition, we encourage the interpretation of nonfiction text through analysis and synthesis in order to develop critical consumers of ‘real world’ information. This enables them to make informed decisions and opinions that will guide them as lifelong learners. Through various forms of writing, students are able to find their voice, as well as discover and explore their own ideas to clearly communicate and articulate those ideas to others. Finally, we believe that all students are inherent readers and writers, and have the ability to contribute unique perspectives to our society through the use of language.

Meet our Teachers

Holly Feger

Teacher, Middle Level Language Arts

Kate Haug

Teacher, Middle Level Language Arts

Chelsie Techmanski

Teacher, Middle Level Language Arts

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