8th Grade


Welcome to 8th Grade! 

In 8th grade, students will advance their collaboration and teamwork skills as the student leaders of our PK-8 school. Students have opportunities to hone these skills through the classroom, as well as a variety of clubs and activities such as NJHS, 360, athletics, Game Club, K-8 mentorship, and Sources of Strength. As they prepare to make the transition from middle school to high school, students are encouraged to practice problem-solving and critical thinking in order to become independent learners who are prepared for the high school setting. Along with content area skills, the 8th grade team believes in educating the whole child, promoting social emotional learning and time management strategies. Specific course contents are built from the BVSD Curriculum Essential Documents focusing on the specific district prioritized standards.

8th Grade Team Website

Meet our Teachers

Carolyn Felknor

Teacher, Middle Level Math

Kate Haug

Teacher, Middle Level Language Arts

Mark Haxton

Teacher, Middle Level Social Studies

Chris Hespe

Teacher, Middle Level Social Studies

Ian Schwartz

Science Teacher