7th Grade

Welcome to Aspen Creek’s 7th grade!

Our goal as the 7th grade team is to focus on the development of the student as an independent learner. We value all aspects of the student, placing emphasis on establishing relationships, nurturing social and emotional well-being, as well as providing a challenging academic program. The goal of each core class is to foster the skills necessary for all learners to become critical thinkers who interact with the content in a meaningful manner to promote lifelong learning. Students will experience and synthesize the Language Arts and Social Studies standards and skills through the study of the Eastern Hemisphere in the Humanities class.  Additionally, Life Science will provide students with the opportunities to explore the composition of living organisms and their processes. Furthermore, the Mathematics courses offered are unique in that they provide each student the ability to challenge themselves at their independent level: Seventh grade through high school curriculum. Throughout the year, our team works closely to ensure all students are consistently prompted to analyze and locate evidence which builds on discoveries and connections across the seventh grade curriculum and their own lives.

Meet our Teachers

Kelly Estes

Teacher, Middle Level Science

Holly Feger

Teacher, Middle Level Language Arts

Chris Hespe

Teacher, Middle Level Social Studies