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Contact Form{a1474b88-e943-4771-be13-3b8882c5fdd4}Aspen Creek K-8 students receive a rigorous academic programming. Art, music and physical education at the elementary level and the exploratory/elective programs at the middle level are outstanding. In grades six through eight, we offer teaming and exploratory programming to students. Our quality teachers are provided with job-embedded professional development opportunities that support quality instruction within the classroom. We have a strong parent community supporting Aspen Creek K-8. This school also offers free and tuition preschool classes that have a focus on both academic and developmental learning standards.Jennifer BedfordLara Eddy, Ph.D.Jennifer Oldweiler5500 Aspen Creek​Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays - 8:35-3:38<br>Wednesdays​ - 9:25-3:38<br><div><br><span><span style="color:#000000;font-family:arial;font-size:10pt;vertical-align:baseline;white-space:pre-wrap;background-color:transparent;"><a href="">*Elementary Specials ABC Rotation Schedule</a></span></span><br></div>